All my life, all I ever wanted was to be the girl everyone loved. Be the girl that everyone knew and praised.  Be the girl that when asked of, people would say “O she, yeah she is a awesome person”

In my early high school years, I changed a lot of friends. I was with the giggling girls who practically giggled at anything and everything. I’d laugh along cause, duh, I need them as friends. Then there were the boys. I was all about playing football and riding my bike. That didn’t last cause, umm, puberty. (Also, talking to boys was looked upon as a crime bigger than murder). This was followed by the judgmental girls, the ones who would stand at the corner of the ground at lunch and judge anyone in sight. There were the “crush on teacher girls” ,the “unsatisfied rich girls”. I could go on and on but I guess you got the picture.

One thing that was common in all of this was the fact that they all didn’t last. And I always wondered why. I mean I was happy that I had so many friends but something was amiss and I didn’t know what. I started thinking that maybe it was me.  Maybe I’m just ungrateful for that fact that I have friends.  Then I realized that it wasn’t me. How can it be me when I haven’t been myself with all of my friends?  I’d change myself to their liking just so I to be friends with them and never gave it a go with my actual self. I was FAKE and i needed to change that.

So I decided that I put this theory to test and undoubtedly a few months later people did genuinely like me. I had my jokes with the giggling girls, I had my games with the boys (not as much as I would have liked, but O well).  There were haters undoubtedly, I mean the judgmental girls and I never got along, but O well, they judged me I judged them. It was all good!!

I guess, I had climbed the first step to happiness. It was something the laziest one among us can do and that was to just BE YOU. The right ones, the ones who really matter WILL love you but only and only if you are your true self. 🙂


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