Imperfection is bliss!

A rich man who has all the worldly possessions will always have a lock on his door and in his life. He may have friends, these friends that are there for him or just for his worldly belongings, he may not know. He will always have the fear of being robbed. He may have everything but he will always live in fear. Fear of being betrayed or double crossed. He will always be on the lookout for security. Always working to make sure he has the possessions due to which he has friends.

Where as a poor man, he may not have everything but he knows that he doesn’t have the possessions that people desire or what people may commit crimes to achieve. He will sleep with all the locks open in his house. He knows that the friends he has are true to him. He has nothing to give to them yet they chose to be friends with him. He is happy as he is and he should be. He will help others because he knows he has nothing to lose.

What I mean by all this is that we humans, throughout our life, work our asses off to gain the perfect life we desire. Once we get up there, and we are friends with people with high status as ours, we will have to always work to maintain that status and that level. After we get up there, we will start living in constant fear for our belongings and be very possessive. Some of us, who are strong enough, might start helping others. But most of us, will feel threatened every time someone asks us for help. We will fear that if we help this person we might not have as much as we do now and our overall possessions might reduce. We fear that if we help them once they will come again.

What we need to sit and think about is that is it all worth it? We leave our family, our true friends and run behind that perfect life. Is that perfect life worth the tension and the worry?  To always have the constant need to be on top? We may have the safest house in town, but if you don’t feel safe then what is the point? You may have the most comfortable bed in the world, but if you can’t sleep peacefully then what IS the point? Seeing it this way, the perfect life doesn’t seem so perfect , does it?


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