Zombie apocalypse is upon us!

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I loved the concept of zombies.How many movies and series have we seen over the years that have something to do with zombies?!? I, personally, watched each and every one of them.
But recently, I’ve been giving it some thought. What are zombies? Zombies are those humans which aren’t humans anymore. They are creatures. Dead, yet very much living. All they do is walk and run around trying to fulfil for desire. Ruining everything and anything that gets in their way. They just NEED to have it. At times, they get what they wanted, look over, find something better and go after that instead. Leaving what they wanted so badly before, out in the open.
And I realized, we don’t need any virus or any experiment gone wrong to turn us into zombies. All we need is an ugly desire, a thing that we just need to have. Something that we would go to any extend to get.And BAM, there you go. We are zombies. We won’t need any sleep or have any emotions. All we will care about is having what we desire. Actually, we don’t even need a desire. just make a noise or cause a drama. It might not have anything to do with us or our life, but don’t worry, we will come looking at it, come as fast as we can. Run towards it like our life depends on it.
And whats worse, we won’t need a bite or a scratch.We all have it in us. We are all infected.  You don’t have to wait any more, the zombie apocalypse is already upon us. So, BEWARE!


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