Back in time..

I’m sure we have all had that moment when we’ve asked ourselves or someone asked us that, “if you could go to back in time and change something, what would you change?” Some said “I wish I had dated that guy/girl” others said “I wish I actually paid attention in class”. They were a few who even said they wished they had a better sense of style.
I often wonder what I would change if I had to go back in time. Would I dare go out with a guy,  pay attention to math’s class, or get rid of that hideous ponytail of mine. Try harder to get into medical school or not be so  straight forward.
The answer would be NO. I wouldn’t change anything. Not even that lie I once told my parents which they later found out about. You know why? Cause I wouldn’t be who I am today if it wasn’t for those moments. True, some of those moments were traumatic and left a scar. But if it wasn’t for those moment I would be the person I am today. Realistic. A girl who found out at a young but right age that life isn’t the fairy tales we hear about. A teenager who found out that relationship isn’t all there is in the world. A lady who found realized that when God closes a door he opens another. A human, who understood that our past is the foundation to our future. Sure, we had some bumps and pressure on the way. But that’s what made us stronger. Having a good foundation is what makes the whole structure steady.
And what made my foundation strong is my parents. May God grant them a long healthy life. And I hope to repay them back. Pay them back for showing me all the secret and hidden treasures of life. Love you and miss you both.


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