It’s never going to be enough

WANTS! It has always been there in our life. We have it, our parents have it and probably theirs did too. Be it small or big. We all have them. There are wants to be rich, famous, pretty, and sexy whereas some just want to be happy. Some more than the other but it’s there.

Wants are a great thing to have. Every night before we go to bed, we imagine scenarios in which we achieve what we want. The next morning when we wake up, we wake up to the thought that today might be a day closer to our achievement. They help give us that push, that passion or the drive that is required for us humans to achieve our goals. But that’s all they should be. Nothing more and nothing less.

Sometimes, wanting something too much or having too many wants may lead to depression. Whether we achieve what we want or not, it tends to leave a hole inside of us. This hole might as well be the black hole or the fire-y pits of hell because it will never be satisfied and it’ll never be full, No matter what we do and what we achieve. If we get what we wanted, we will always want more and if we don’t get what we wanted, it will affect our self esteem.

I’m not saying that we should stop having goals and ambition altogether. All I’m saying is that that’s all they should be, a means to let us live to our full potential. Have goals but at the same time appreciate what you have, no matter how less it may be. What you may have now might be someone’s “all I want”.

Lay your happiness in what you have and not what you want cause if that happens, then my friend, Its never going to be enough.